Star Trek Into Darkness ★★★★

A bit spoilery, but at this point you know who’s the villain

Not as good as the first one, but a great Sci-Fi adventure no doubt! Casting is key and everyone does an amazing job, Abrams again having fun with the camera, well utilizing it. It’s a great sequel to the 2009 version, and I haven’t seen that many Star Trek episodes, but I’ve seen Wrath of Khan and while this does it’s own thing, can’t seem to feel like it wants to recreate instead of do something original with it like the first one. And here the creativity lacks a bit, with a revision from the script that could’ve worked out. Even thematically it restarts the same themes from the first one (except Khan’s Story).

But overall it’s still a wild ride, it almost feels like a Mission Impossible movie and well worth a viewing.

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