Superbad ★★★★★

Becca: “Your cock is so smooth!”

Evan: “Your's would be too... if you were a man.”


This movie is so amazing, I just can’t figure out who would hate this film?! I couldn’t have the pleasure of watching this in theaters, but it is one of the best comedies I’ve watched, period. You can see the authenticity of high-schoolers trying to get laid but sticking to their morals. I think people downplay the time-less soundtrack this film has, I mean it’s amazing. Memorable quotes, I’ve seen people who haven’t watched the movie mention McLovin and it just goes to show that this is a pop-culture at it’s finest.

Amazing film, I would give it a 5/5 but there’s some plot holes, I’ll probably rewatch it for the millionth time and go around in giving it a 5/5.

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