The Lost City of Z ★★★★

I was very close in givin this a 4.5/5, because in many ways, it’s deserving. From the beautiful cinematography, to the performances alone from magnificent actors. Even the material Alone was great, but the actors elevated on a very well needed level. It’s haunting that this is based on a true story, just goes to show how the truth can be stranger than fiction at times. I do feel like the movie needed much more fleshing out, not that it was bad but felt like it went straight to the point to much at times. I don’t know much about the novel, if it was too faithful or not, although as a film on itself it takes advantage of the medium, but lacks to expand. I even forgot one of the characters existed at times, because he felt of no importance.

It’s a great film, how it explores this strange mystery, makes me want to go out an explore for myself.

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