Window Horses: The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming ★★★★½

This is such a sweet, beautiful film! It's a lovely story of a budding, self-published poet who writes wistfully about Paris and who is unexpectedly invited to a poetry festival in Iran. There she learns about poetry itself, about what it means to different people and cultures, and discovers a lot about herself and her family. It's a beautiful showcase of the rich history and culture of the arts in Iran, a side of this part of the world rarely seen on screen these days.

The animation is particularly stunning with Fleming's ever present avatar, Stickgirl, as the main character Rosie. The animation style changes with each new poem and each new story, guest animators on these segments gave each their own flavour, highlighting the subjective experience both Rosie, and all people, have with poetry.

A sweet, funny, gorgeous coming of age story and an absolute highlight of the Sydney Film Festival for me.