Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★

i love the cheesy slasher genre that have female leads kicking some serious ass so naturally i knew i would enjoy this. some people take film way too seriously sometimes and the reviews for this one make that abundantly clear. it's not supposed to be oscar worthy! a lot of people complain about the cringy dialogue but i don't think some of you realize this is literally how teenage girls talk especially in the age of internet slang and now tik tok... the only thing i didn't like is that i wish the we got to know the characters a little bit more because their development seemed kind of surface level.

i really admire sophia takal's decision to make this PG-13 so that younger girls could go see it in theaters, but i would also absolutely love to see the R rated version and what was left out (the original cut was 111 minutes and the final cut is 92). another thing i really loved was the finale where everything was lit by neon christmas lights. it looked so cool! there is also something very cathartic about watching something that calls out rape and sexual assault for what it is because most films or media tend to tip-toe over the subject as if it's taboo. i liked that they were bold enough to go about riley's story this way.

let imogen poots star in more films!!!!! (and please stop making cary elwes play evil characters)

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