Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

my first time viewing a tarantino film at the cinema AND my first ever projected 70mm film screening! this was such an exciting venture in many ways and one of the best nights i've had in a really long time. this film was exactly what i needed.

quentin tarantino is a visionary director—he poured his heart, soul and and an overflowing bucket of nostalgia into his masterpiece, once upon a time in hollywood. he paid tribute to sharon tate in such a beautiful and endearing way—i could identify with her spirit and she really was the heart of the whole film despite having limited screen time. just because she wasn’t constantly on screen doesn’t mean you can’t always feel her presence. sharon tate was a gift and you can quite literally feel margot's warmth radiating off of the screen and into your heart. she could very well be nominated for this and i hope she is. she embodied such an important and cherished person so effortlessly.

however, brad pitt's performance as the lovable and goofy cliff booth was perfect, and has lured me into a hyper-fixation that i never want to escape from! in the audience i really felt how special this film is and how much fun the cast and crew had making it. also worth noting, a minimal but exceptionally alluring performance by margaret qualley almost stole the whole show for me. she's so fantastic and the scene where pussycat and cliff are in the car was one of my favorites. amazing music and exceptional editing as usual. i can’t wait to listen to the soundtrack on repeat.


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