Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby ★★★★★

it's actually insane to me how well John Cassavetes pulls off his performance as Guy and I truly believe he is one of the scariest characters in horror history. his character is also such a huge representation of men in society today and how they will gaslight their partners and wives to no end.

anyone who knows me knows that Mia Farrow is my biggest inspiration and role model and each time I watch this I continue to be surprised by her and how much life she brings to this film. the only name I associate with it is hers because I genuinely feel like this is really her movie. it breaks my heart that she could have had so many amazing opportunities to show off her talent like she did here had she not met Woody Allen who restricted her to working with only him and got her blacklisted when she spoke out about her daughter's abuse.

it is such a dream of mine to potentially remake this film someday and give it a new life outside of the actual devil behind it and my dream pick for Rosemary would be Lucy Boynton or KiKi Layne <3

**also if you're going to invade my comments to support Woody Allen please just seek help instead, you will be blocked :)

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