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  • The Stanford Prison Experiment

    The Stanford Prison Experiment


    i’m still absolutely baffled that this was a real experiment that happened in the 70s. i don’t have much to say other than the performances in this film were incredible. 

    wow. i can’t even wrap my head around this...

  • Baywatch



    if alexandra daddario punched me in the face i would say thank you

    also the rock calling zac “high school musical” threw my wig into another dimension

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  • Columbus



    kogonada, you beautiful creator. i firmly believe that some films are meant to tell stories that can't be or don't need to be put into words. this film is about conversation, passion and family. every single scene of this masterpiece is shot so beautifully: every building, every tree, every landscape. elisha christian (the extremely talented cinematographer) made sure she put 100% of her heart and soul and made every shot her own, those shots tell a story that doesn't need…

  • Beowulf



    my ex made me watch this absolute TRASH in a shitty motel on our one year anniversary and that's how our relationship ended :)