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  • Fort Tilden

    Fort Tilden


    this was... fun? i think? both girls are horrible people who are very selfish and will do anything to go to the beach. can relate.

  • Ibiza



    i can't tell if i'm more attracted to richard madden or gillian jacobs

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  • Dude



    i never thought i'd see alex wolff suck on lucy hale's nipples but here we are i guess

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    i rewatched this with someone very, very special to me. it makes me so happy when i show movies so close to my heart to people so close to my heart and they enjoy them just as much as i did the first time i watched them. this movie is about finding who you are and i think i did just that recently. i will never stop loving this movie and also greta gerwig please punch me in the face

    and kyle scheible makes my heart go 💖💕💞💓💘💕💗💓💖💓