Chernobyl ★★★★★

arguably the most important thing put to screen this year. jared harris and emily watson are jaw-droppingly fantastic in this. i also loved barry keoghan's scenes as well. he's so great. and some really incredible writing by craig mazin - he did such a great job at conveying the emotion behind this disaster while including every important detail and even some funny moments as well to cut the tension. i never felt bored.

i read a super interesting interview where mazin explained his choice of using humor in certain scenes and his answer was "life is still happening. you can’t just watch a funeral for 60 minutes. and life is funny. even when things are falling apart, life is funny." i thought this was really interesting and super important. i loved this and i'm so thankful to be more knowledgeable on what happened in chernobyl. my heart goes out to everyone who was affected.