It Chapter Two

It Chapter Two ★★½

it's crazy to me how this film seems insanely rushed but it also felt at least an hour too long. how is this movie nearly three hours long and they still left out so many details? i didn't hate this, but man was it so disappointing. the editing was so bad, it felt like they just blended a bunch of different movies together with the most random clips they could find? don't get me wrong, the performances were good and so were the scares, but i'm so baffled at how amazing the first film was (i rated it five stars and have seen it about seven times), and how little this one compares. i will probably never watch this again and that makes me really sad. i'm so sad.

what they should have done is they should have touched more on pennywise's origin story because that one minute clip where they showed him before he went full clown was actually really interesting? this is probably an unpopular opinion but the novel should have been split into three films—they would have made more money for themselves, had more time to flesh out the story for the fans and it wouldn't have felt so rushed and, the scene with stan's death is a whole entire god damn chapter in the book and they covered it in like less than 30 seconds? so disappointing.

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