Knives Out ★★★★★

ana de armas completely steals the show along with rian johnson's sharp and witty writing and directing. i was so happy that they managed to tie up every single loose end in the finale. there are so many films like this that leave you with at least a few questions after it's over but knives out had such a talented artist behind it that every part of the conclusion felt so, so satisfying. i really loved the exaggerated maximalist set design and all of the costumes were to die for! you can really tell that johnson is such a big fan of the whodunnit mystery trope and i am over the moon excited to see what mystery benoit blanc solves next with the announcement of the sequel.

honorable mentions: michael shannon's line delivery of "have you been smoking grass?" and toni collette's "excuse me mr. BLANK" in the most american accent ever. absolutely incredible

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