The Descent

The Descent ★★★★★

being a ~well seasoned horror fan~ and having seen most films in the genre, I rarely ever watch something scary enough that makes me full-on scream at jump scares (usually because they are anticipated) but the creature reveal in The Descent got me GOOD. damn! I was watching the screen so intently and I almost jumped out of my skin.

this film is so well crafted and has so many terrifying elements but the scariest part was watching as the group of women slowly turn on each other. to be stuck in a confined space with limited light and supplies has got to be one of the most suffocating and horrifying things to go through but especially when you're with someone you don't trust.

admittedly I had my doubts, a man writing and directing a horror film about all women can make or break it and it's usually the latter—I can name countless films that fall victim to this and there will be many more in the future—but Neil Marshall somehow managed to make this a perfect movie and a new favorite of mine without letting it fall victim to the male gaze-y tropes we usually suffer through. loved it

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