The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

the favourite has absolutely drained me of every single emotion i am able to convey but somehow i knew it would. almost everything within is perfect. olivia, rachel and emma still have me speechless. each time i've gone into one of yorgos' films, i have never known what to expect and he continues to impress me and blow me away. each of his films are so different but so similar and the little easter eggs are the cherry on top. the cinematography, editing and costume design (@ the academy, fuck you) is BONKERS but that's why it all works seamlessly. it's genuinely hilarious and so enthralling and each scene gets even crazier than the next.

if someone had told me before this came out that i would have enjoyed a film set in the 18th century, i would have laughed in their face but i absolutely adored everything about this.

i cannot wait to watch this again.

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