The Panic in Needle Park

The Panic in Needle Park ★★★★

Pacino is so on point for his leading debut you could have sworn he was acting a 1000 years prior. Some historians say Scarface was a hit during the Shakespearean era. 
This film is sorta like Trainspotting, sans the eccentric dark comedy aspects. A lot of scenes made me flash back to that one, for better or worse. I really never want to think about the ceiling part of that film. 
It’s extremely scuzzy, and scenes are suffocating to sit through. The use of natural lighting really makes me feel like I’m there, sitting hopelessly in needle park with all the characters. It’s a black hole, once it gets you you’re there entirely. 
This isn’t a complete five since the enjoyment almost exclusively comes from the atmosphere. Not to detract from the excellent performances, but the story didn’t really hold my attention as much. 
This Pacino kid is really something though…

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