Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle ★★

Mmm okay, this one is worse haha. It's a great exhibit of how massive the first one must have been, because god there are a billion weird, cheap cameos in this thing. Like, the most I've ever seen. Bruce Willis, the Olsen Twins, Jaclyn Smith (which ok makes enough sense), Pink (sorry, P!nk). Plus there's all the new roles who are supposed to be bad but are barely in it basically: Justin Theroux doing a Lucky Charms accent, Rodrigo Santoro surfing and then disappearing, Demi Moore wearing lacy underwear and a fur coat (that's acceptable). Plus Shia Labeouf is in this? Bernie Mac? Carrie Fisher! Plus Crispin Glover returns for no reason other than can you believe this character and whatever movie he came over from?? This thing is just overstuffed.

On top of all of that, the tendency of the first film to play an almost constant pop soundtrack with cheeky choices (any song with "angel" in the title) is turned up here too. The most obvious song is always chosen (the girls wear welding gear? Flashdance theme. They start a fire? Firestarter) and the music is constant, and the sound mix is bad so that some characters I can barely hear over all of the music!

There are a ton of costume/undercover moments here too which is mostly fun but it's just a LOT. The three stars are great and totally game though, bless 'em. OH there's also a Singin' in the Rain mini-homage! Why?! McG, why?!

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