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  • Dial Code Santa Claus

    Dial Code Santa Claus


    This was so much fun! Die Hard and Rambo crossed with a legitament slasher and fueled by a child like wonder. Who knew Home Alone was a lackluster remake all along? Interesting and dramatic camera angles, a mansion (loved the miniature) with secret passageways and booby traps, a hilarious rip off of Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger", and a mullet that could make Billy Ray Cyrus blush, yes all this and more can be found in Deadly Games/Dial Code Santa…

  • Tigers Are Not Afraid

    Tigers Are Not Afraid


    Horrors both fantastical and real collide in a stand out effort from Issa Lopez. Clearly inspired by Del Toros' gothic fairytale style of story it doesn't hit that perfect balance of real and and sureal that his best strides at, but it touches it at times and when it does it's truly wonderful.

    The film can be absolutely brutal delivering some real gut punches and creepy moments as well. But the real horror comes from the tangible. A empty town…

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  • Down by Law

    Down by Law


    One of my all time hangout movies Down by Law was the second Jarmusch film I saw after a english teacher showed my class Dead Man in high school and I've been hooked ever since. Meandering in pace and tonally off-beat the film is more interested in the inhabitants than the plot. If one was to desribe it on paper it would be a story about a jailbreak, but we never see any of that. I guess it's sort of…

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    What a solid and light hearted little murder mystery. Dont know if it needed to be over two hours but I also never checked the time during. Maybe because I knew the basic plot already but I didn't seem to enjoy it as much as everyone else on here though.

    The ensemble cast is all awesome and full of suprises. Even well into the second act new and welcome faces were still entering. Really liked seeing Chris Evans and Toni…