Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused ★★★★½

One of my favorite hang out movies of all time. I first saw this when I was starting to become a pretty frequent weed smoker and thought this along with Pineapple Express were some of the greatest comedies Hollywood will ever produce. And you know what? That's still kind of true.

According to my dad (lol), it fully nailed 70's and fully represents most cliques with its diverse cast of characters who are all out to prove something on their first night of summer vacation. The soundtrack is filled with A list tracks, my only complaint would be maybe a couple more deep cuts? I kind of overplayed a lot of these songs to the point where I can't really listen to them anymore but that's a personal problem. Linklater approaches the era with such energy and vigor its hard not to watch with a big dumb grin. And even though im far removed from the era I can still relate. I distinctly remeber driving around the hills of Simi Valley looking for things to do or ways to get in trouble with my friends. Though none of us had cars as nice as anyone here, and I don't think high schoolers then did either.

Also, I was able to acquire some ganja for the first time since relocating to Houston and this was the perfect film to get high with friends over discord and watch. Hell yeah.

Absolutely recommend.

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