Moxie ★★★

a champion of tokenism, ‘moxie’ features an array of well rounded, interesting side characters who include a trans girl, some wlw (although it’s never actually clarified if they are actually a couple or if they just kissed for the sake of it), asian and black characters, all of whom are infinitely more interesting than the main character. the entire runtime i was desperate to see CJ, the trans character, and to hear her story. what was her experience of transitioning? why did she want to play audrey in the little shop of horrors so badly, was audrey an important figure in her self identity? instead she was quiet and faded into the background in a way that was beneficial and easy for vivian and for moxie as a whole. i felt the same way about all of the rest of the side characters too who possess far more grit and importance in terms of representation. i really wish this film actually delved into the ins and outs of what it means to be a woman outside of a school setting.

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