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  • Peninsula


    Train to Busan is easily one of my favorite zombie films, whereas its follow up, Peninsula, is easily one of my least favorite. That’s what we call a big oof of a drop.

    Basic Synopsis: The first film doesn’t matter as South Korea is lost to anarchy, zombies, and money heists. 

    First Things First: If you’re in a zombie apocalypse, treat every dead body like a zombie.

    Brief Thoughts: I honestly don’t know what the hell happened here, as all…

  • Onward



    With 2020 being the year it was, I’ll admit that I’ve been putting off watching Onward cuz I just didn’t feel like volunteering myself for more tears than necessary. But I can’t move on to Soul without watching the previous Pixar film first, so here I am, doubling down on these emotional rollercoasters. Fortunately, though Onward definitely hit me in the feels, what I felt most was my heart being warmed.

    Basic Synopsis: Two brothers go on a quest to complete…

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  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    With the state of the world being what it is, it seemed like the perfect time to watch a film that plays up just how insufferable white people are in their presumed superiority, no matter what side of the political spectrum they fall on.

    Basic Synopsis: It’s the left vs right when a group of wronged liberals seek vengeance by kidnapping and hunting a selection of random, bottom of the barrel right wingers.

    First Thing’s First: This is some intense…

  • Gerald's Game

    Gerald's Game


    Feeling the need for more Mike Flanagan content post The Haunting of Bly Manor, I figured it was about time I gave the film Netflix is always recommending to me a gander. And in true Stephen King fashion, it was pretty good until it really wasn’t.

    Basic Synopsis: A woman is left handcuffed to the bed after her husband gets a little too worked up in the bedroom. 

    First Things First: A rape fantasy is not something you surprise someone…