Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★½

Talk about a bookend!

First Things First: For those who read my review of Fear Street: Part 2 - 1978 you’ll know that I struggled so much with the movie as the out of place, jauntily magical scoring kept taking me out of the film. Fear not; the music was great this time around, with strings fitting the time and tone perfectly. 

Brief Thoughts: With the final film in the trilogy taking us back to where it all began as Deena relives Sarah Fier’s final days leading to her cursing the town from that day forth, the genius choice was made to have Kiana Madeira portray this character as well (along with other cast members returning to fill the village), instantly breaking me from my grudge holding ways and being team witch. Though the “ugh gross men ugh gross Christians” puritanical bigotry would’ve been more than enough to turn me against the town eventually, it instantaneously made me realize from moment one that the first two films had set us up as members of an angry mob, when in actuality there is so much more to the story, with a change of perspective that means everything, setting up one killer final hour to bookend the 1994 storyline.

Favorite Line: First it was gonna be this lesson on choice: “One does not summon the devil by chance….They must extend their hand.” Then I was all about the badass final girl rage mentality of: “If they want a witch, I will give them a witch.” But no, the best line of the film is: “You smell like an androgynous baby.”

Last but Not Least: Does the Dog Survive the Film? (Spoilers for the Dog’s Fate, Obviously): Merryboy had a not so merry ending.

Final Thoughts: I had no idea what to expect going into this trilogy of Netflix films, but I assumed it would be something of a similar ilk to the Goosebumps films that never peaked my interest, even though I loved that R. L. Stine series as a kid. But Fear Street blew my expectations out of the water: each film is so well made in every aspect (except the scoring of Part 2 I couldn’t get past), beyond fun, and as surprisingly gory as they are surprisingly emotional. I want more!

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