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  • Tom & Jerry

    Tom & Jerry


    Tom & Jerry (2021) was originally planned to release some time in the 2010s. Warner Bros. then banished it to development hell where it should have remained indefinitely. It would have made for an interesting 10 minute lost media YouTube video, "hey, remember that live action Tom & Jerry animated hybrid film that went into limbo? Yeah, it's a good thing that never happened..." Alas, despite the shtick's death a decade prior, what we have before us is its resurrected rodent infested,…

  • Miranda



    Falls flat as a thriller with no suspense. The protagonist is a complete simp with no personality. I will say Christina Ricci’s forehead game is on point as always!

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  • One Night

    One Night


    I’d rather be a contestant in a Jigsaw game then spend another minute with the guy working at Lowe’s (who may or may not be a sex offender) & every white girl you see in those antidepressant commercials. The “acting” is pure, unpasteurized cringe. Each line is delivered with such “need to pay my rent” energy. Hell I could get better performances out of a paper towel tube & can of goya beans. Every moment where either actor has a tense moment is…

  • I Feel Pretty

    I Feel Pretty


    Amy Schumer believing she possesses the beauty on the level of a Margot Robbie for 120 mins is laughably sad. Saturday morning “feel good” talking points with absurd platitudes that love isn’t conditional.