Mommy ★★★★★

Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” starts playing:

Me: suddenly uncontrollably crying 

I pushed watching this movie away from me, for way to long now, knowing that it would be an nerve wracking roller coaster for me.
But besides me being an emotional mess now, this was so amazingly shot.
I loved the idea of having the film shown in an 1:1 aspect and going into full frame, whenever everything seemed to be fine and stable.
the use of music was also very very well chosen, I think I’ve never been so satisfied, with the timing of music, like I was here.
I mean that ending...
When he ran, the line “feet don’t fail me now” AND THEN CUT.
Just perfect.
Simply perfect.
The three main characters were so great acted and directed, I respect all of them a lot, including Xavier.
I’m trying to find any more things to write, to tell you how great this movie is.
But the truth is you just have to look for yourself.
It’s not possible to write how good a movie is, let alone how good a masterpiece is.

Anyways I’m watching some interviews of Xavier right now, that were extras on the dvd.

And let me tell you, I just love this man, need to watch more of his movies soon.
So write me wich I should watch first!

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