Midsommar ★★½

I don’t like Hereditary. I don’t think Ari Aster is a phenomenal filmmaker, and I didn’t intend to see this - but my friends wanted to. Visually, it’s spectacular. And props to Aster for allowing the horrors to unfold in broad daylight; it’s a bold decision. I do think this is better than Hereditary, because once the drama turns into horror, I stayed invested and I thought it actually had some interesting messages. Muddled, but interesting nonetheless. The ending is... I need to think about it. It was surprising and I enjoyed how fucked up it was, but I just didn’t really care enough about the characters to care about how it ended. Another thing: something happens at the beginning, something important, that never really gets tied back to the story. Or more accurately never gets explained. It’s also far too long, a two hour runtime would have worked much better than the hefty 150 minute runtime.

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