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  • Grey Gardens

    Grey Gardens


    Somehow, the Documentary Now episode did not prepare me for this despite being exactly the same except for the end.

    Scavenger Hunt 60 -> A documentary that was parodied on Documentary Now

  • Paterson



    I did not like this. The writing was very bad. For the first half of the movie, I was pretty sure the wife didn't exist because she never left the house, never interacted with anyone other than the main character, and was apparently only there to encourage him to publish his poetry. Adam Driver's character was the only one who felt like he could even be a real person, and I'm pretty sure he was just better written because he was Jim Jarmusch's self-insert. Even then, he was really phoning it in for this one.

    Scavenger Hunt 60 -> A film starring Adam Driver

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  • Star Trek Into Darkness

    Star Trek Into Darkness


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Honestly? I like this movie. Now I'm not a Star Trek fan, and that probably has a lot to do with it. I just think that despite having made a lot of changes from the source material, it's a well-written movie with interesting action sequences and good character development.

    That said, I do think that bringing Kirk back at the end kind of cheapened the most moving scene in the movie. They obviously weren't going to leave him dead, but…

  • Life of Brian

    Life of Brian


    This is a Terry Jones movie I can get behind. It honestly made me want to give Holy Grail another chance.

    Scavenger Hunt 60 -> A film made by HandMade Films