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  • Wild Mountain Thyme

    Wild Mountain Thyme

    baya kötü film sevdim

  • Sweat



    i don’t think it’s a movie about social media, influencers or shallow images of them. it’s a movie about loneliness in all that crowd, it’s a movie about not being loved by the first person supposed to love you and feeling like a complete failure no matter how much you achieve. no matter how many people love you, you couldn’t manage to be loveable to your mother and now “love” is a goal to achieve. people to please.

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  • Simulacra



    beklenen mesajı vermeyişini seviyorum ilker. bence sistemin en iyi bug’ı sensin

  • A Woman Under the Influence

    A Woman Under the Influence


    i know it has almost nothing to do with plot but all things aside, the thing with kids hit me differently cause i know how it’s like to grow up with a mentally unstable mom. the scene with kids pushing their dad, trying to protect their mother even though they don’t really understand what’s going on and were a bit angry to her. i can’t describe the feeling or name it but i know how a desperate situation it is…