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The films that inspired Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho - BFI

'My new film Last Night In Soho was born out of a long-held desire to fashion a story set in an area of Central London that I’ve worked in for the last 25 years, a district that I love and sometimes fear. The 1960s casts a long shadow on Soho and I’ve long been fascinated with the films of the period that peek into the darker corners of central London nightlife. This season represents a broad range of some of the films that inspired me; dramas, horrors, thrillers, even documentaries (of sometimes dubious veracity). So, as the nights get longer, disappear down some dark alleys with me...' - Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright’s London After Dark takes place at BFI Southbank and on BFI Player October 2021.

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  • West End Jungle
  • Primitive London
  • Passport to Shame
  • Beat Girl
  • The Small World of Sammy Lee
  • Frenzy
  • Darling
  • Peeping Tom
  • Bitter Harvest
  • The Pleasure Girls