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  • Firestarter



    Watched for the Halloweekly podcast, Episode 53

    I've never read the King novel upon which this movie is based, so I cannot comment on how faithful it is. As a film, though, I have to say it is pretty decent. Barrymore is solid as the titular girl with pyrokinetic powers. I was surprised to find George C. Scott and Martin Sheen here. Sheen is fine, but Scott turns in yet another magnificent performance. Definitely worth a watch.

  • Invisible Child

    Invisible Child


    Watched for We Hate Movies, Episode 74

    Wow, this movie was bonkers. Rita Wilson plays a mother who thinks she has a child that no one else can see. Her young son buys into it and treats "Maggie" as kind of an imaginary friend. The sister and father don't see the child, but they pretend they do because they don't want to push mom over the deep end? A nanny comes into the situation and ruins (or fixes?) everything. It's a not very good made for TV movie.

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  • Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

    Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

    So this is rightfully considered the worst Nightmare film, and there is certainly a lot wrong here and very little right.

    It's always great to see Englund in the make-up and some of the practical effects are fun. Anything CGI, though, is dreadful. Most of the dream sequences are dumb as hell. And of course there is the matter of the messing around with the origin of the Freddy mythology....don't get me started.

    I'm really glad that this was not Englund's last turn in the role. New Nightmare (although with its own problems) is leaps and bounds better than this garbage.

  • A Bucket of Blood

    A Bucket of Blood


    I know basically nothing about 50's Beatnik culture, and I'm not sure how accurate a portrayal A Bucket of Blood gives it, but this wisp of a Corman film has this culture as its backdrop. Enter genre favorite Dick Miller in a starring role as the lonely, awkward busboy at a beatnik cafe, and boy is he terrific!

    Walter Paisley wants to fit in with the rest of the artists at the cafe where he works, but he doesn't actually…