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  • The First Wives Club

    The First Wives Club


    it’s the best when friends revenge. Golds! Bett! Keats! They crush period also the nineties the fashion i am in. these jerks are bad so its dessert to see their work pay off. garbers  cabbage patch ass head is giant. fuck collins. hedaya as mort is such a rat. local electronic men commercials are something I remember fondly but I can’t imagine them as anything but sleaze city. the jokes are good as hell bunch of stars yall

  • The French Connection

    The French Connection


    this is dirty as hell and the criminals are so sleazy I love it. there are too many locations that I would hang out in to count! I think that if I were living in nyc in the 70s I would totally have done shady shit by the docks

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  • Moonstruck



    I have a lot of thoughts on this movie. But my main thesis is that nic cage is a sweaty hairy snack and I would go to the opera with him anytime

  • Jaws



    somehow I never saw this movie and decided that I need to see a big old wet shark boy attack dumb teens and that’s exactly what I got and also it was a reminder of how cool the ocean is as far as ecosystems go. something that been bringing me comfort during this whole crisis is I just think about how right now there’s a octopus just doing some fluttery moves or stingray is just chilling at the bottom of the ocean