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  • In Like Flint

    In Like Flint


    In Like Flint is a ridiculous 60's spy movie wherein a group of devious, wealthy women, 'The Amazons', headquartered in the Virgin Islands, kidnap the president and replace him with an actor who has, in a very Bond-esque turn, undergone plastic surgery to look like the president. ("An actor as President?" Flint asks a pre-Reagan world, a different kind of laugh line than it once was.) Their scheme is to create a new matriarchal society by brainwashing women via tape…

  • Split



    That Shyamalan sure does make things.

  • Ricki and the Flash

    Ricki and the Flash


    It's like The Royal Tenenbaums if it weren't a good movie and Royal was a woman in a boring cover band.