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  • Piper



    This was beautifully animated, extremely adorable, and just an amazing short. I wish every bird, or animal in existence looked as adorable as they do in Disney’s animation style.

  • The Colors of Evil

    The Colors of Evil


    what did I just watch

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  • The Karate Kid

    The Karate Kid


    Nostalgia aside, I feel that the majority of the movie seems unnecessary, and sadly, without an actual purpose. Other than that, the movie is good, with a good accompanying score, and good pacing. The tension was built up really well, even though I knew what happened. So, while not as good as I remembered it, it was definitely better than all the movies that came after it.

  • Thor: The Dark World

    Thor: The Dark World


    The movie was average at the time, but it was a lack of humor, a lack of a good villain, and the confusing plot that gave it its rating. I think Malekith’s ship looked cool, and yet may be confusing if SWORD is introduced to the MCU. Anyway, unlike The Incredible Hulk, which may have been better as a stand-alone movie, Thor: The Dark World is a movie that would be dead last on my MCU rewatch list, for good reason. While it may not be as bad as some remember, it doesn’t hold up to MCU standard today.