Favorite films

  • Rio Bravo
  • Two-Lane Blacktop
  • Star 80
  • Happiness

Recent activity

  • Deadly Eyes


  • Of Unknown Origin


  • Rolling Thunder


  • Sullivan's Travels


Recent reviews

  • J. Edgar

    J. Edgar

    Clint finds out the hard way that there is no tasteful way to tell the tale of J. Edgar Hoover, one of the most depraved, demented, cynical and nefarious characters in American history. It’s all or nothing; anything less is stupid at best and disingenuous at worst.
    A rare misstep for one of the greatest living directors.

  • Bad Guy

    Bad Guy


    Saw this at the 4 Star Theater in San Francisco when I was 12 and found it vile beyond words. Now… it’s almost sweet.

Popular reviews

  • The Manchurian Candidate

    The Manchurian Candidate


    Tonally jumbled, mercilessly convoluted and occasionally brilliant, it's impossible not to feel that the real conspiracy is a studio sanctioned scrubbing of this semi-remake, which flirts with but stops short of being truly subversive. Clearly and frustratingly, there is a Dark lurking within this Dying of the Light.

  • This Could Be You

    This Could Be You


    I laughed, I cried.