The Dark Knight Rises ★★

As many have noticed, this movie suffers from some of the similar problems of Spiderman 3. Those problems being entirely based around the amount of content and subplots stuffed into it. The culmination is a dull hybrid that doesn't engage you at all. This is where the movie falls short. The only problem is that this means the entire movie falls short. Plot element after plot element is introduced, yet none is fully developed. After a thing is introduced, you wait expecting the scene to fully flesh out and for it to start to formulate the meat of the movie. But it never does. After the movie ends, you wonder how that is even possible considering that the movie never really started. More embarrassing still, one of the staples of the Nolan Batman saga, the music, disappoints just like the of the movie. Now, it's not the music itself, but the arrangement. The music is supposed to set the mood and match the visuals, yet it never does. Never. Not once in the movie will you be swept up in the theme or atmosphere. It's all emotionless and uninviting. Every aspect that made the The Dark Knight good is not found here. It's not engaging, it's not challenging, it's not well written and it's not edited properly. I would say that this movie leaves a bad taste in your mouth, but it doesn't even leave a taste at all. It's nothing. It's a movie without a movie.