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  • Alexander the Great

    Alexander the Great


    Compared to other period epics from the Hollywood golden era, this is incredibly weak. Battle scenes have the intensity of a junior high stage play, there's no visual bravado to any of the shots, and at times it felt like it had the credibility of the Italian Steve Reeves Hercules movies that were meant to be pale imitations of these grand productions.

    Richard Burton doesn't seem too invested in the role, and given the goofy blonde wig he has to…

  • A Virgin Among the Living Dead

    A Virgin Among the Living Dead

    Probably the best Franco movie I've seen, which isn't saying much as I feel like I've been hitting up some of his weakest material (Oasis Of The Zombies left no impression on me and Bloody Moon was passable at best).

    A decent amount of creepy imagery, like a hanging man floating along a walkway to a small barn, or a woman licking blood off the breast of a nude blind woman. I mean, let's face it, stuff like that tends…

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  • Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America: Civil War


    The Craptacular Revue: Bonus Episode!

    Everything that Batman V Superman failed at, this movie succeeds with. New characters are naturally integrated into the story, both sides have sympathetic logic, and everyone is well-developed.

    Spider-Man is handled really well, with probably the most accurate and well-executed film version of Peter Parker (even if it is in a pretty short amount of time). Characters that I've never cared much for, like Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch, are played perfectly here and at the…

  • Vampire's Breakfast

    Vampire's Breakfast


    Cult Movie Challenge Week 21: Hong Kong Horror Week

    I didn't know going into this that not only was it not on the list I provided for the Cult Movie Challenge, but that only 3 other people have marked it as watched. Makes me feel powerful, and I don't know why.

    It's a pretty basic plot for a movie: news reporter following a story about a pale and unusual guy hit by a car at night, and it leads to…