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  • Moonstalker



    31 Days Of Horror 2018

    The first twenty minutes feel like a completely different movie. The killer wears a straight jacket with a mask that reminds me of the padded helmet that guys wear when women beat them up in self-defense classes, and he attacks a family that's on a camping trip. After the first twenty minutes, he ditches the outfit for a cowboy hat and sunglasses, and starts to focus on a group of people setting up some kind…

  • Doctor Bloodbath

    Doctor Bloodbath


    31 Days Of Horror 2018

    Holy God is this an amazing movie to watch with friends.

    As with Nick Millard's other shot-on-video horror movies, he finds a way to splice in footage from one of his shot-on-film movies to both pad out the time and to maybe lend a little credibility to everything. In this one, it's worse than it was in the Death Nurse movies, because here they're trying to splice them together like they're taking place in the…

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  • Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America: Civil War


    The Craptacular Revue: Bonus Episode!

    Everything that Batman V Superman failed at, this movie succeeds with. New characters are naturally integrated into the story, both sides have sympathetic logic, and everyone is well-developed.

    Spider-Man is handled really well, with probably the most accurate and well-executed film version of Peter Parker (even if it is in a pretty short amount of time). Characters that I've never cared much for, like Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch, are played perfectly here and at the…

  • Inferno



    The Official Splatter Movie Guide: Movie 441

    31 Days Of Horror 2018

    I think I prefer this over Suspiria. Both are beautifully colored surreal exercises in horror, and both cover witches that, presumably, can "possess" people into doing their bidding, namely killing people who threaten the secrecy of their identity. The big difference between the two lies in their tone. If they're sisters (it's witches, so sisters and not brothers makes the most sense), Suspiria is the frantic and chaotic…