Upgrade ★★★★

I'm pretty stunned by the fact that this movie cost around $4 million. The effects aren't perfect, but they're pretty damn close, and the film does a great job of utilizing them for the sake of world-building. Yeah, there's some gore effects here and there, which are used well to shock you in terms of how sudden and harsh death can be, but most of it is used to realize a not-too-distant future that's very believable in how much technology takes over our lives.

It's the fact that we're becoming more and more dependent on technology that's the focal point of the film. The main character's an old-school soul that resists new-tech, and it's in his having to adopt that the movie works so well. The murder-mystery at the center of the plot didn't really interest me too much, but the fact that this is a pitch-perfect example of using the idea of a future society to comment on our present was top-notch.

I had never heard of Logan Marshall-Green before, and hopefully I'll hear about him again. The movie's pretty much on his shoulders, and he's able to keep it going. He's got a look that's halfway between Tom Hardy and Ashton Kutcher, and his acting ability to easily outdoes the latter.

I little bit of Robocop, a little bit of 2001, and a little bit of Blade Runner come together for a topical and fun scifi action flick. Good times.