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  • I Know What You Did Last Summer

    I Know What You Did Last Summer


    This movie is a crock of horse shit! They don’t know what I did last summer at all! I didn’t get chased around by Captain Hook because I dented my brand new Beamer on his pirate booty, I didn’t do any of that!

    Instead I had to stay home because of the dang “plandemic”! And I didn’t get any planning done at all! My buddies daughter has a wedding coming up and I haven’t helped her plan any of it!…

  • Zola



    I’m sorry my loyal readers but I have failed you. 

    I’m known across the internet for being a more intelligent, street wise, and blunt Roger Ebert. I’ve read some of that guy’s reviews and he never once talks about his divorced wife or the large boners he gets at the movies. I bring you the real, raw discussion. No condoms! No pussy footing around!

    But today I failed you. 

    I couldn’t properly watch this movie. I can’t remember the types…

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  • Good Time

    Good Time

    I did NOT have a good time watching "Good Time".

    It's too fast, and got too many bright lights. Watching Sedrick Diggory rob a bank was so confusing, why would a wizard as powerful and handsome as Sedrick use his powers for evil?!

    This just doesn't line up with the Harry Potter canon!

    Also is this supposed to be a prequel? I can't tell if Sedrick is a younger version of himself with a fake beard, or an older version…

  • Boyhood


    This movie was not what I was expecting. When my friend recommend i watch "Boyz in Da Hood", I thought it'd be a kick-ass film about guns, gangsters. and big titty broads.

    This film did not meet my expectations.

    Instead what I got was some dumb bum white kid poppin pimples, and kissin school girl crushes.


    Might as well have called this film "Mr. Popper's Pimples", because it's basically a three hour, puss-filled, smut…