The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl ★★

Alright look, this movie isn't great. It's pretty far from great, actually, especially in the VFX department. But, I gotta say I found myself not hating this when rewatching it. I remember seeing it as a kid and kind of liking it, and I feel the same way nearly 15 years later. What my child self didn't realize is how much Taylor Lautner tried his heart out as Sharkboy, and how George Lopez basically hams it up as FOUR (yes, 4) different characters. The plot does seem really contrived, but it makes sense once you learn this was Robert Rodriguez trying to literally make his kid's dreams a reality on the silver screen. And while the VFX are noticeably dated (and extra cheesy to boot), they do fit the usual style Rodriguez uses for his children's movies and kind of fits the dreamlike aesthetic Rodriguez was going for. So while I can't argue this movie is a great film, I will argue that it does its job in entertaining children, at least somewhat well. And while there are better movies kids should watch to learn to appreciate the art of cinema, I can this movie being a fun time for kids with big imaginations.

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