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  • Happy Death Day 2U

    Happy Death Day 2U


    Feels like the best possible way to do a sequel, while still retaining the same characters. It’s willing to go a lot sillier, but it also contains more heart at the same time. I’m not sure if I prefer the Groundhog Day homage or the “‘80s sci fi comedy” homage, but I’m glad both exist.

  • Commando



    The main character’s name is John Matrix and he kills literally a battalion of bad guys while dispensing one-liners throughout. It’s as if someone made a movie specifically for me.

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  • The Marine

    The Marine


    Sometimes, you just want a cheeseburger. You don't even want a particularly good cheeseburger. You want a greasy, nasty one that your stomach will probably pay for later. The Marine is that cheeseburger. It's formulaic, predictable and dumb, but it wears those traits in all the best ways. Cena may have the charisma of a tree stump, but he's only supposed to look good running through swamps, punching dudes, firing machine guns and jumping out of exploding buildings. Also, I…

  • Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

    Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace


    This already feels like the most well-tread ground in the world, but this is one of the most frustrating movies I've ever watched. Its tone is inconsistent, swerving from serious senate debates to slapstick goofiness with Jar Jar. But its biggest problem is that it's flat-out amateurish filmmaking. Filmmaking with hundreds of millions of dollars behind it, but it's still amateurish, with a complete lack of direction for the actors, direction for the FX work or even an understanding of…