The Campaign ★★★

Cynical almost to a fault, The Campaign has a great cast that just don't get used to their full potential. Will Ferrell is once again playing his arrogant idiot man-child character and Zach Galifianakis is once again playing his emotionally stunted outcast character. Both play those well at this point, but are starting to feel a little stale. While it is intermittently funny at points, the tone shifts wildly. One minute it's a biting satire of big-money American politics, the next it's raunchy humor, the next it's straight-out goofball slapstick. What keeps the movie going is the great supporting cast and oddball left-field asides, but even those feel like they go to the well a few too many times. There are some truly funny gags, but be prepared to sit through a lot that just don't work. Honestly, I really expect more than just an average comedy out of a cast and crew with this pedigree.

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