The Man with the Golden Gun ★★★★

After receiving a death threat from the world's greatest assassin, Bond goes into detective mode, chasing leads and being a LOT less nonchalant than he was in Live And Let Die. Don't worry though, the one-liners are still there (and better utilized.) Christopher Lee's Scaramanga is a great villain, playing what amounts to an evil version of Bond, and it works. Hervé Villechaize's Nick Nack is one of the better henchmen in the series as well. While the climactic duel sequence is shorter than I figured it would be, the tension and locations in that setting are great. It's helped by one of John Barry's best scores, despite that atrocious theme song. The ladies are the weak link this time. Maud Adams' desperate Andrea doesn't make much of an impression, but at least Britt Eklund's agent Goodnight starts out dumb instead of devolving into it. Oh yeah, and JW Pepper returns to distract us from another great action scene. Despite all these problems, this is a great entry carried by Moore and Lee's characters.

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