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  • Kagemusha



    Kagemusha is a very rich film about holding a new title and living with such honour. 

    I won't go too much in the story because the plot is a lil treat, but Kurosawa did such a beautiful job with this one. Again, wonderful and vibrant colours. Loveable cast especially actor Tastsuya Nakadai, he does it wonderfully! 
    The story is captivating and not only that but it is quite realistic as war standards. There is a lot of emotion in this film. From…

  • Ed Wood

    Ed Wood


    When first glancing at the backdrop of this film I only saw a man with a fur coat on, so I expected it was going to be something about drag queens and such, but as the film worked in motion it showed more character than just a fur coat. It's a beautiful film about starting from the very bottom and making your way to the top to be shined upon by the whole audience. It's such a charming film with…

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  • Throne of Blood

    Throne of Blood


    Throne of Blood is Kurosawa’s version of Macbeth. Now I myself haven’t read into anything Macbeth related so I basically went into this blind. But I quickly got to love this film. 

    A film about an overall hunger of greed and control. From the beautiful lighting the immense story to the superb acting of Toshiro Mifune. Let’s talk about him for a bit, I am really glad they picked him. He was superb in Seven Samurai, but I never would have…

  • Oldboy



    I would like to say that unfortunately I did actually see the remake when I didn't even know it was a remake so there were scenes and plots which I knew about coming into this. Especially something major by the end. But! That doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy this. Oh no, I fucking loved it. 

    Oldboy is a puzzle, a puzzle not only the main character has to solve but as well the audience. There is so many twists and…