Bumming in Beijing: The Last Dreamers

Bumming in Beijing: The Last Dreamers ★★★

Road to 4K ~ 3999

Bumming in Beijing: The Last Dreamers is an interesting documentary about young artists trying to make a living while embarking on their own careers. I haven’t watched that many documentaries before so it was an interesting watch to dive into this without knowing anything of the sort, but unfortunately this wasn’t for me so much. The reason for this is due to many cases I for one wasn’t able to find a copy of the full version, it nearly feels like a lost film at this point. I was only able to watch the 70min runtime which surpassed what I needed to understand the theme the characters and everything else. But, if I was able to find the full film I would say I might’ve liked it a bit more. Then it’s the subtitles, urgh. There were not a few, but a lot of scenes where subtitles just vanished into thin air and because of that my engagement in the film just faded. This resulted in a messy watch which made me more wanting it to end more than anything…

It’s unfortunate it really is, as it is a unique premise and a topic that barely ever gets any word nowadays. But, because of the issues with the file and runtime, this wasn’t a pleasant watch. I did, however, enjoy what I got from it which was the characters and their story which I thought was intriguing and interesting, but I wished for more.

It’s saddening that this was the last film that I had to see before my 4000th tomorrow but it is what it is.

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