Love Exposure

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I have no clue how to start this review. But I don’t think this is going to be a review. This is just going to be more me just fangirling instead. 

Um. Yeah, I found it. This is the one. The fucking one. I FUCKING FOUND IT, omg I’m so happy. You do not know how happy I am. As much as I fucking adoreeeee guilty of romance. This is the mother fucking King! Wooh, let’s go. 

Holy shit, I’m glad I got to see this tonight. I had you know 4hrs to kill, and what’s the best thing to do in those hours? Hmm, oh I know watch Sions most loved film. Oh fuck me yes so fucking yes. Legit balls deep in this omg. 

This fucking man, this director legit just chewed up religion, culture, family matters, sexual desires and popped it in a 4hr film and then went fuck it. 

Oh I just have no words, I am relieved. I am in heaven. This is my everything.

Sion please marry me, that’s all I’m asking.

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