Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

Dark. Gritty and a whole lot of Statham. 

I haven’t seen my fair share of Ritchie’s films, but from seeing the trailer of this it quite intrigued me. The last few years I have noticed that Statham hasn’t done so well in terms of successful films. But when a big Hollywood director has his name across the title, it works perfectly. 

Wrath of Man, isn’t your typical action pew pew film. There is actually a lot of grittiness to it. It’s not disturbing no, it’s more so how Statham is. His body posture, even the way he barely talks in this film just gives it a mean look to himself. 

The film was cut into chapters, showing different parts of the story and how it all comes together. I thought it was a nice touch than just your a to b type of film. 

The action was very good, but as much as I enjoyed it I liked the story more. You’ll see why. 

All in all, I liked this quite a bit. I’ve missed these type of action films, even tho it’s a nod to Heat I ain’t complaining. Maybe I should rewatch that film actually. 

Ye, pew pew and angry Statham cool mix.

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