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  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud


    Difficult not give this five stars. Scary to think this is a first time director. 

    Simply the best film I’ve seen all year, could have been Schrader, could have been early Scorsese. 

    Dread inducing rollercoaster. Loved it.

  • The Secret in Their Eyes

    The Secret in Their Eyes


    Simply one of the best foreign films of all time, I’ll go further, one of the best films of all time. 

    A story shot across two timelines that is both a murder investigation and a love story between men and women involved in one particular murder / rape case. 

    A huge triumph.

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  • The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man


    If ever a film proved that people are dicks, this is it. Very relevant for today’s society, this place in time is very elephant man. 

    Tremendous achievement.

  • Spartacus



    Still holds up, like all the greats whether it be On the Waterfornt, 2001, Alien.... they just hold up. 


    If you have a chance to read then background about getting the script written under the whole communism court cases it adds a whole new layer to the brilliant writing.