Films of 2020: Ranked in Terms of Perceived Quality

Join me as I rank the films of 2020!

This list includes films that meet one of the following criteria:
• The film received its initial U.S. theatrical or direct-to-VOD release in 2020.
• The film screened at a 2020 festival at which I saw the film, and it has not yet received a theatrical release.

This list does not include:
• Films that were released in limited release (including qualifying runs) in 2019 before expanding in 2020.
• Re-issues that had received a U.S. theatrical release prior to 2020.
• Films that screen at a 2020 festival but are not released in 2020, unless I saw them at said festival.
• Films that screened at a 2019 festival but were released in 2020, if I saw them at said festival.