Needed English language film in my top 4 to make it look like I don’t have asian fetish

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  • A Brighter Summer Day

    A Brighter Summer Day


    Wow. Goes from depicting youth gangs, Foucault Discipline and Punish to being a dissertation on the fragile mentality of teenage boys and what happens when it all comes tumbling down. And yet there is still so much more. Absolutely a masterpiece in all aspects - especially considering how engaging continues to be over it’s 4 hour run time. Almost like a roided Kitano film. Also probably one of the more authentic, compelling and enlightening period pieces of all time.

    Godfather x The End of Evangelion x Submarine

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


    *Supernintendo Chalmers voice*

    Best part is when Cate Blanchett doesn’t get shot by a random Moroccan kid

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  • The Watermelon Woman

    The Watermelon Woman


    Dude imagine if the watermelon woman was a watermelon that looked like a woman

  • Boys State

    Boys State


    “And I’ve never seen so many white people ever”

    Super interesting look at democracy, how it can be twisted and how populism is endemic to the democratic system. Rich with commentary on not only teen boys, privilege and the political divide in America, but also looking at the American electoral and political machine in a way that is digestible and entertaining.

    Who would’ve thought that the guy with the Raegan doll would’ve been a scheming little bitch?

    A bit too American exceptionalist for my taste, but that’s only because of how the boys speak about America.