The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

Always leaves me with a big smile every time I rewatch it. This is possibly the closest Cinema ever got to accomplish perfection, even if it didn't. And while Fantastic Mr. Fox still is and will (possibly) always be my favorite Wes flick, I guess I kinda admit that this is objectively Wes Anderson's best work, period.

It's just filled with delight and effort that it just stays in your mind for nearly an hour. The visual storytelling here is amazing and the script is honestly one of the most well written scripts out there. And yes, Whiplash still is the most well executed film in every imaginable way, in my opinion, and it still has the best overall direction of 2014... but I honestly kinda wished Wes to win the Will Smith Fish Award of Best Direction.

The editing and cinematography are breathtaking, and the acting performances were surprisingly really good. It's greatly paced, and its story is super engaging and easy to follow. And... it's The Grand Budapest Hotel, what else do you want me to say about it?


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