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  • Funny Ha Ha

    Funny Ha Ha


    not sure it hits the mark it was aiming for...
    but a nice, little pre-mumblecore taste of what was to come

  • Frankie and Johnny

    Frankie and Johnny


    Would you date an ex-con coworker? the question that defines your opinion of this film.

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  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    A breathtaking visual experience.
    The rhythm of the shots tell the story more completely than the actual story does. Fascinating cinematography.
    I found myself engaged in the first tale and disengaged during the second, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.
    Easy to understand why people ride so hard for Wong Kar-wai.

  • Fyre


    The Hulu doc is empirically better. Hulu captured the face of the fraud in what is a most damning recorded interview of the sociopath. Billy McFarland's behavior can be considered nothing less. Watch the Hulu one if you want hard-hitting BIG-J Journalism backed by a lot of evidence, and a rough edge from all those scorned.

    Watch this Netflix doc if you're into hype and flash. It's kinda the Sparknotes, but I think the two actually go hand-in-hand pretty well…