Enola Holmes ★★★

This was so much cute and I honestly was expecting it be worse than it. MBB was perfect for Enola. Actually I find her annoying most of the time. But this was quite different from previous roles of Millie. Yet, as always she displayed a spoiled acting. But without it that would be boring watching a Holmes character. AND THERE WAS NO DR. WATSON!! HOW DARE YOU! This was most disappointing thing...And there was not enough Helena Bonham Carter.I am REALLY sorry but I hate Sam Claflin and he was annoying as hell,AS ALWAYS. Henry Cavill was too much gentle for Sherlock Holmes imo. While I was watching, I noticed that breaking the 4th wall was too much, almost in every 5 mins.(At the beginning, I got bored because of it.) Although, I watched with having fun. (YES THIS IS TRUE, I said annoying for everything  but that doesnt mean that was not enjoyable.)

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