• Saboteur



    More like Sabo-turd! (Norman Lloyd, though? Doing lots with nothing.)

  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    Mary Shelley's Frankenstein


    Watched through pandemic goggles, it's about how several people die because one guy refuses to get vaccinated.

  • The Pallbearer

    The Pallbearer


    Assuming this got Weinsteined but it's just a fish out of water occasionally gasping for life. Schwimmer is terrible--or brilliant if live-action Eeyore was the goal. Would definitely not have predicted that the director of this lite, defanged The Graduate would one day make a three-hour Batman movie.

  • Scream



    Mixed reaction to this. I missed the anamorphic lens artifacts, for starters--new one looks like letterboxed television. And ultimately I don't think the movie finds a compelling-enough reason to bring everyone back. On the other hand: nice to see you, thank you for coming. Enjoying how much the series has to contort itself to play to conventions outmoded by real-world progress. Ghostface should have a horse and buggy and a rotary telephone in the next one, quizzing the kids about their favourite scary nickelodeons.

  • Eastern Promises

    Eastern Promises


    That bathhouse fight is still legend. Cronenberg is great at these bursts of action because the instantly mutative effects of violence on mind, body, and soul sincerely arouse his curiosity.

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    I'm too old for this shit.

  • The Rachel Papers

    The Rachel Papers


    There's a really interesting movie buried in here about fantasy vs. reality. He is infatuated with Ione Skye (who wasn't?) but can't reconcile the fantasy figure with the woman who leaves dirty dishes around and has to pee like a human being. His lust is such that he kisses her feet when they first make love, but days later he can't stand the sight of them. (Shades of THE HEARTBREAK KID--Stiller version.) But the film ends soon after, and I'm…

  • Super-Rabbit



    Finally digging into that Bugs Bunny anniversary collection--lots of early ones I haven't seen, like this parody of the Fleischers' Superman cartoons in which Bugs uses newfound powers to thwart a Texan who's rounding up all the bunnies and killing them. Yep, sounds like Texas. But the problem is Bugs already has superpowers us mortals dare to dream of, and it's a little disturbing to see him panic-eat magic carrots to recharge his batteries.

  • Dr. Who and the Daleks

    Dr. Who and the Daleks


    This is juvenile on purpose so I'm trying not to hold that against it. But it's like THE TIME MACHINE leeched of all subtext. I kind of dig this quaint version of the Doctor, though, who's just a grandad who built a time machine in his backyard and would you like to see it?

  • Edge of the Axe

    Edge of the Axe


    Starts out as my favourite kind of slasher--lots of random, idiosyncratic behaviour that could be the prelude to an easygoing hang-out movie--and ends as my least-favourite kind: a whodunit impenetrably thick with arcane motivations and backstory. (Edit: This is not to say I hate giallos, which is not really what this is.) The early nods in the direction of WarGames are certainly a new direction for the genre, though--too bad they never quite amount to anything. Enjoyed all the 1986 signposts; no doubt I would also fall for the would-be Final Girl, what with that Color of Money poster prominently displayed on her bedroom wall.

  • An American Werewolf in London

    An American Werewolf in London


    I've seen this movie so many times that I've more or less internalized it, but the starkness of that final cut to black never fails to affect me. In a way it's always annoyed me that the film doesn't really have a third act, but on the other hand that's kind of the point. The end sneaks up on us, here as in life.

    The new 4K edition is beautiful, by the way, and the original mono mix, unheard since the VHS era, is fantastic.

  • Licensed to Kill

    Licensed to Kill


    Fuck you, Ron De Santis. This is what you're enabling, channelling, making inevitable. Hope you get anal cancer. Soon.